Janis Schanbacher: Fullstack Software Engineer
Passionate about best practices, clean code, & communication.
Seeking remote work worldwide or hybrid with workations.

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With a strong academic background and 3+ years of professional experience, I'm a dedicated software engineer specializing in full-stack development. After achieving a 1.2 Abitur, I began my developer journey in 2015 with Computer Science at Technical University Berlin (ø: 1.7). Later, I started afresh with Applied Computer Science at University of Applied Sciences Berlin (GPA: 1.4) to emphasize practical skills.

Throughout my academic journey, I focused on best practices, clean code principles, and practical skills essential for professional web development environments. In my career, I've gained valuable experience across Frontend and Backend Development, Operations, Database Design, and Agile Project Management. Leading a small IT team, I gained experience in project management, sharing knowledge, architecture design, technology desicions and in implementing applications from scratch and setting up CI/CD pipelines and monitoring. Introducing Scrum methodologies, advocating for clean code, and living best practices were integral to our success.

I am passionate about self-leadership and fostering a fulfilling life with an open heart and mind and the ability to remain positive and resilient in any situation. Through diverse experiences as a multi-instrumentalist, windsurf teacher, martial artist, and waiter, I've honed teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.
I thrive in agile collaboration with individuals from diverse backgrounds on challenging projects, which offers abundant opportunities for personal growth and gaining new perspectives.

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Available immediately, I am seeking worldwide remote work but also open to Berlin-based hybrid opportunities with workation.

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